OK, the 2015 stats are in and the real estate market picture is complete.  All data is from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS database as of 1-4-2015.

Here is the big picture report on real estate sales in Trigg County for 2015 as compared to sales in 2014.  Individual types of properties will be considered in subsequent reports over the next few days.

Each category of property will include the 2015 sales number followed by the 2014 sales number and the % of change.  For example, Trigg County Single Family home sales in 2015 was 163 units sold while 2014 saw 131 units sold.  It is shown like this: Single Family Homes Sold   =   163/131   +24%

Trigg County Homes Sales 2015/2014      % Change
Single Family (S/F)Homes    163/131       +24%
S/F Water Front Homes          39/35         +11%
S/F Water View Homes           18/15         +20%
S/F Lake Area Homes             32/15         +213%
S/F Other Homes                     74/66         +12%
Manufactured Homes               17/19         -11%
          Trigg County Lot Sales   2015/2014     % Change
Total Lots Sold                        40/31           +29%
Water Frnt Lots                        7/5              +40%
Water View Lots                      4/5               - 20%
Lake Area Lots                        13/9             +44%
Other Lots                                16/12           +33%


As you can see by the figures, 2015 was a good year for nearly every category of real estate in Trigg County.  In future reports we will look at some of the specific types of sales and break down the figures to see how they compare to past sales.  If you have any questions or comments, log on and submit your question and I will try to get you an answer.  Charlie