Just a quick note for those Home Buyers out there.  Purchasing a home can be a great experience and one that will provide satisfaction for years to come.  The road to home ownership can have some bumps along the way unless you are prepared.  How do you prepare? 

1.  Determine what you NEED in a home and then determine what you WANT in a home.  Needs are a must, Wants are less a priority.  Find the right house.

2.  Select the right professionals to help you find a home.  Your REALTOR, a member of the National Association of Realtors, is knowledgable, experieced and abides by a Code of Ethics that puts your needs first.

3.  Find the right financing package.  Often the least understood facet of home buying is the financing of your home.  To help you understand how to evaluate home loan packages, Lending Tree has recently published a paper that includes 20 questions you should ask about each loan package you consider.   Click Here for more information.

When you are ready to begin the house search, contact Lake Barkley Realty for assistance.