What are houses selling for in Trigg county??  That is like asking what does a used car cost?  Age, condition, and location make a great deal of difference.  We have all heard the location,location, location is the primary issue in real estate but there is actually a lot more to establishing a market value on a home.  No doubt, location is a function.  But condition, first impression, community, financing, and national real estate trends also effect the market value of any home.  What is undeniable is that establishing the correct listing price is probably the most important step in getting a home sold.  Too high and the house sets on the market so long that buyers begin to think something is wrong with the property.  Price too low and the seller is just contributing to the buyers equity from their own pocket.  Realty Times has a very good article about ways to determine market value.  CLICK HERE to read the article.

If you are interested in listing your home, I would be happy to prepare a CMA for you considering similar homes that have recently sold AND the competition that is now on the market.  Call me.  Charlie Collier