Here is  Trigg County single family, waterfront home sales, Year to Date.  All data from the western kentucky regional MLS on 5-28-2018.

There are currently 41 homes on the market listed as Waterfront  Average list price is about $412K while  Median price is $360K.  Of the 41 active listings, 22 have private docks in place.  Their average list price is $445K and  Median list price is $371K.

Year to date, 20 waterfront homes have closed with the average sale price being $299K and Median sale price being $304K.  Of the 20 sales, 14 had private docks and sold on average at $318K which was also the Median sale price.

Average sale price for Trigg County, Single family, waterfront homes with private dock in place was $138.50 per square foot.

Interested in buying or selling?  Make sure you work with a Realtor who knows the market and can assist you in determining the proper sale price.