Here is a quick look at single family (S/F) waterfront home sales, in Trigg County as of July 1, 2018.  All data is from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS database as of today.

Waterfront S/F home sales have shown a marked increase over same type sales last year.  YTD there have been 29 waterfront homes sold in Trigg County.  2017 YTD saw only 16 waterfront homes sold.  That is substantial increase in unit sales.   Additionally, average days on market (DOM) for units sold has dropped from 293 DOM last year to 212 DOM for units sold in 2018.  Finally, the market value of homes, based upon Dollars per square feet ($/sqft), has gone up.  In the 2017 YTD stats the average waterfront home sold for $113.53/sqft, while this year to date waterfront home sales have sold for an average of $129.84/sqft.

There are, of course, subsets within the general category of waterfront homes, (those with docks, those with slips, those with no dockage) and these subsets have slightly different values for days on market and sold $/sqft, but the group as a whole is showing a definite increase over the figures for last year.