Just a quick update regarding single family homes sales in Western Kentucky and specifically in Trigg County.  All data is from thw Western Kentucky Regional MLS data base as of 9-8-2014.

Year to date unit sales of Single Family (S/F) homes for the western most 13 county in Kentucky amount to 1290 units sold.  Same time last year showed 1314 units sold.  This is a 2% reduction in sales year to date.  There are currently 1608 units that are listed as active on the MLS (Supply).  This number has remained fairly constant for the last 5 weeks indicating a steady supply.  Pending sales of S/F sales is currently 219 contracts.  This is a reflection of the current market (demand) and a forward looking view of the number of units that should close in the coming 4 to 6 weeks.  Of the units which sold this year the average days on market is 152 and the sale price to list price ratio is 93.79%.

Figures for Trigg County follow.  Year to date S/F homes sales amount to 90 units while last year in the same time frame there were 96 units sold.  This represents a 6% decline in sales this year.  Current inventory is 168 units and that number has been fairly consistant for the last 5 weeks.  Pending sales is currently 18 units under contract and this is an increase over the last 3 weeks of a couple of units.  Average days on market for units sold this year is currently 204 days and the sale price to list price ratio on sold units is 90.83%

90 DAY COMPARISON - Comparing S/F unit sales for the last 90 days (June 8, 2014 thru Sep 8, 2014) in Trigg Co to the same time last year presents an interesting picture.  Unit sales in this time period this year amounted to 34 properties compared to 38 units sold last year.  Median sales price this year was $110,000, while it was $121,450 last year.  The average sale price in the last 90 days in Trigg Co is $141,947 while it was $136,163 during the same time period last year.  Days on market for homes sold during this recent period is 145 while it was 193 last year.  Finally, that all important number of dollars paid per square foot of hous purchased was $82.07 in the last 90 days but only $76.98 last year.  Fewer units sold, but they sold quicker, at a higher average price and at a higher dollar per square foot figure.

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