It is often said that the best time to sell your home is when it first comes on the market.  There certainly is truth to the fact that buyers consider how long a home has been on the market and offers are lower for those that have been on the market longer.  Buyers may think that there is something wrong with the home or that there are issues which make the home unwanted.  This leads to lower initial offers.  

Several issues lead to a home being on the market a long time.  Some of the issues cannot be changed by the Seller.  Lack of buyers during off seasons, large inventories of similar and competing houses are just a few that the Seller cannot do anything about.  

There are, however, several issues that can be addressed by the Seller.  Failure to prepare the home for the market and overpricing are the big issues that a Seller must correct.  Sellers always want a premium price for their home.  It is natural, we all want the most we can get for the items we sell,  The problem is, Sellers seldom offer a premium house for a premium price.  When you are preparing your home for the market, think "showroom" condition if you want to get the highest price.  

Price your home within the market.  Your agent can show you similar homes that have sold recently and just as important they can show you your competition (other active listings in the price range) for the next buyer.

Realty Times has a recent article which discusses the issue of selling your home in the first two weeks of listing.  To read more, CLICK HERE.

Our Lake Barkley staff is always available to assist our clients with suggestions for preparing and pricing their home for the market.