It appears it is time to put away the short sleeved shirts and make plans to attend the Trigg County Ham Festival.  All the signs of Fall.  Besides enjoying the Festival, it is time to start considering home projects to get your house winter ready.  If you have already started your list of things to do, here are a few items you might want to add.  INSTALL STORM WINDOWS - much easier to do now than the day before the first cold snap.  HVAC check up.  Service folks are available now but may not be when it actually gets cold.  DISCONNECT GARDEN HOSES- Most homes have self draining outdoor faucets but they don't work if your hose is holding water in the faucet.  Frozen and broken hose bibs are usually expensive to repair.  CLEAN CHIMINEYS - Stack fires from built up creosote and tar is a hazard that is avoidable.  CLEAN GUTTERS - Leaf drop is right around the corner and clean gutters are a must for winter's up coming rain.  Backed up gutters can cause roof and attic damage.  EMPTY AND PUT AWAY FLOWER POTS - Pots left out with water in them can be broken when the water freezes and is a likely spot for mosquitos next spring.

These are just a few steps you can take to let you enjoy the coming season change and reduce the likelyhood of a big repair.  Maintaining your home and it's value are important to you and is fairly simple if you keep ahead of the game.  If you need the name and phone number of local service people, feel free to contact any Lake Barkley agent for assistance.