Here is a timely Heads UP!!!  Buyers, if you are headed for a closing on the new home be alert for this scam.  Just before closing you may receive a 'last minute' email with a corrected amount that you need to wire to the closing attorney.  The email could say the original figures were off, or new regulations require an additional sum, or the insurance company just emailed with an updated insurance cost, etc, etc.  The point is they want you to wire them money so they can close your transaction.  Be Careful!!  Call and speak to someone you know before you wire money.

Realty Times has an excellent article about this subject.  CLICK HERE to read more.   This has not been a problem in our area as far as I know but with more people turning to online lenders, this could be a problem for anyone.  If you are suspicious, call and talk to the finance company, the closing attorney or your REALTOR.