Q1, 2013 is now history, so we can take a moment and consider the local real estate market in retrospect.  First quarter single family home sales here in Trigg County,  saw 30 S/F homes sold while Q1, 2012 saw only 24.  That amounts to a 25% increase in sales activity.  On the negative side, Q1, 2013 Median Sale Price was $112,500 while Q1, 2012 Median Sale Price was $126,500.  Thats a reduction of 11%.  Probably not so much a reflection of reduced market value as the fact that lower priced homes are more in demand right now.  Looking at Days on Market for sold homes: Q1, 2013 = 181,   Q1, 2012 = 160.  Sale Price to List Price ratio was  Q1, 2013 = 89.75%    Q1, 2012 = 91.93%.  Obviously, there is still room for improvement in the Trigg County figures.

Looking at the Western Kentucky Regional MLS combined data shows the following:

S/F homes Sold-------------------------- Q1, 2013 = 369 units         Q1, 2012 = 353 units

Median Sale Price----------------------- Q1, 2013 =  $99,000.00      Q1,2012 = $101,000.00  (-2%)

Avg. Days on Market Sold--------------Q1, 2013 = 168                     Q!, 2012 =  160

Bright news is an increase in unit sales,  Lower prices and longer on market indicate room to improve.  NOTE: inventory increased 8% from Jan 2013 to Mar 2013.  In years past that increase has been less than 4%.