Internet service has been spotty in Western Kentucky for that last few days, hence this report is a bit late.  A quick review of the real estate market this week shows that Trigg County single family home sales continue to be strong.  As of 10/10/2012, (last year), 81 homes had been sold.  This year there were 109 homes sold.  A solid increase of 34% on Year to Date sales.  Contrasting that to the entire Western Kentucky Regional MLS Data base shows the combined Single Family home sales are up only 6% Year to Date.  Bottom line, single family unit sales much increased over last years sales to date.  Of concern, remains the issue of median and average home sales prices not being higher by any measureable amount.  Sale price to List price ratio is 92.83% YTD in Trigg County and 93.47% in Western Kentucky as a whole.  The MLS shows an increase of active homes (inventory) to 1.915 residential listings as of October 1, 2013 compared to 1,606 same time last year.  That 1,915 figure is the highest number in the bi-monthy check for this year so inventory appears to be continuing to grow.  What will the future hold? Looking at pending home sales in Trigg County we see that there are currently 19 pending home sales.  That means in the next 4 to 6 weeks 19 more single family homes should close.  This figure has been 18 to 20 at each check of the market this year so it appears the market will continue to be robust for at least the near future. 

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