As the 4th of July approaches it is a good time to review the market for the first half of 2013.  Information provided below is genterated by the Western Kentucky Regional Multiple Listing Service covering the 13 counties of Western Kentucky.

WESTERN KENTUCKY COMBINED:   A look at the Year to Date (YTD) sales of the region compared to same time last year shows a 10% increase in the number of Single Family (S/F) unit sold. (905 to 823).  Average Sale Price was $134,469 which was 4% above same time last year.  Median Sale Price was $108,900, also up 4% over last year.  Active S/F units on the market (Inventory) was 3,327, again up 4% over last year's figure. 
 A quick look at the Q1 and Q2 stats shows that both quarters had about the same growth percentages as noted above which indicates slow but steady increases in sales and market prices for the region on the average.

TRIGG COUNTY INDIVIDUALLY:  While some of the counties noted above actually had negative figures, Trigg County has see a surge, especially in units sold.  Single Family homes sales are up 46% as of the end of June when compared to same time sales in 2012.  And while the Median Sale Price is up 6% to $118,000, the Average Sale Price is about the same as last year at $146,800. 
A quick look at the Q1 and Q2 stats does show a little better picture since in 2013 Q1 the Average Sale and Median Prices showed a negative figure, 2013 Q2 stats indicate a recovering market with Average Sale Price ($141,800) up 10%  over last year and Medial Sale Price ($135,000) up 37% over 2012 Q2 figures.  It appears our market price increase has lagged behind the general market but is beginning to make up for the slow start.