Here is a quick market update for the Trigg County and Western Kentucky Regional MLS area.  All data from the W. KY. Regional MLS database.

Year to Date (YTD) statistics for single family (S/F) unit sales in Trigg county continues to outpace last years sales by about 20%.  Western Kentucky as a whole continues to be below last year's mark by about 3% but is slowly catching up.  That forward indicator, Pending Sales, has slowed for both Trigg County and the MLS as a whole with a lull in purchasing.  Trigg county Sale Price to List Price ratio is still low at 89.29% while Western Kentucky as a whole is nearer the normal level of 92.92%

Getting away from the YTD and looking at the last 90 days sales compared to same time last year produces some really positive data.  Here in Trigg County, for S/F unit sales in the last 90 days the figure stands at 38 units sold.  Only 31 in same time period last year.  Dollars per square foot for sold units is up from $71.46 last year to $79.25 this year.  Median sold price for the 90 day period this year is $160,000 whereas it was $110,000 last year.  Another positive indicator has to do with price distribution of sold units.  Homes sold under $200,000 usually make up about 75% of the sales in our market.  In the last 90 days that figure has dropped to 55% (it was 77% last year).  That means that 45% of the homes sold at prices above $200,000.  This price range now commands a much higher share of the sold market than it has in the last few years.  Translation - more higher priced homes are selling.

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