The end of October brings us within sight of the end of the year and should provide us with enough data to begin to see how this year's market is shaping up.   All data in this report is from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS database as of Nov. 12, 2018

Trigg County single family (S/F) homes sales have accounted for 161 units being sold to date.  Last year same time figure for closed sales was 160.  Not much change in the market there, however, there was better news in other sectors.  Median home sale price rose from $140,000 last year to $149,900 this year, about a 7% increase.  Additionally, Days on market (DOM) for units sold averaged 139 in 2018 but was on average 179 last year.  Bottom line, same number of homes sold but median sale price is up and length of time to sell was down a bunch.  

Of interest is the actual market value on a few categories of single family homes.  Looking at year to date sales of S/F homes in Trigg county that sold for $100,000 or less  the average dollars per square foot of this group of homes was $52.73 per square foot.  There were 26 such sales and they averaged 128 DOM.  Homes that sold between $100K and $200K, closed at an average of $88.82 $/sqft. in 94 days.  There were 21 of them.  Finally, 12 homes closed to date in the $200K to $300K group.  They sold at an average of $89.34/sqft in 199 days.

As we approach the end of the year, I will explore other aspects of our market and other types of real estate.  Stay tuned for more information.  If you have a question, sign in to the blog and fire away, I will try to find you an answer.  Charlie