Just a quick glance at the latest market figures from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS for single family homes as of today.

Trigg count single family (S/F) home sales continue to be strong with 41 units having closed to date.  This compares to 34 units last year in the same time.  Of greater significance are the figures for last 90 days sales.  Since Jan. 26, 2016 to date there have been 38 homes sold.  Last year, for same time period, there were only 27 homes closed.  This years figures are an incredible 40% higher than last year for the 90 day period and certainly support the position that the market is currently very good in Trigg county.  Of note is the fact that there are currently 28 additional homes under contract so demand is still strong.  

Figures for the entire MLS are all positive but by just a small amount.  Pending sales is currently at 310, while last months figure was only 260,indicating that market demand is slowly increasing regionally.

OK, thats it for now.  I will have a waterfront home and lot report around the first of May.