"How's the market??"  Let's look at the last 90 days of sales compared to the same time last year. According the the WKRMLS data base, 31 Trigg County single family homes changed owners since Jan 23, 2013.  In the same time period last year only 25 units sold.  A 24% increase in units sold.  Average Sale price during the last 90 days was $143,761 whereas last year the Avg sale price was $162,928.  This average is effected by the fact that last year two units sold for more than $400K while the high price sale this year has been $348K.    The figures for $ per square foot on sold homes may be a better guage of the market.  Average $/sqft on sales in last 90 days has been $71.89/sqft.  That same statistic on last years sales was $67.11/sqft.   About a 7% increase.  Days on Market for sales in last 90 days has been 188 while last year it was 179.

Hows the Market? - Figures indicate a definite improvment over last year, even above the usual seasonal increase we see about this time of year.  We will continue to monitor the marke here weekly.