Just a quick look at the Trigg and Lyon County real estate market for Single Family (S/F) homes.   All data from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS as of 2-26-2018.

Availability of single family homes in both Trigg and Lyon counties continues to decline.  Only 95 homes are available today in Trigg co. and only 75 in Lyon county.  These numbers reflect a general lack of inventory (supply) and will have an impact on the market if not corrected.  There are currently 26 homes under contract in Trigg county and 9 in Lyon county and these numbers are equal to or higher than the previous weeks which tells us there are still buyers who are willing to purchase homes.....if homes are available to purchase.  If you are contemplating selling your home this year and would like to do it with little competition and some command of the price you can get, now is the time to get on the market.  Call me if you would like to discuss the issue.   Charlie