Friday, November 18 quick look at the Trigg County single family home market so far.  All data from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS database.  To date there have been 140 single family homes sold in Trigg County.  Last year during the same time there were 146 homes sold.  Unit sales down by 6 units year to date.  There are currently 114 units on the active market for sale.  That number down from 122 just two weeks ago, a measure of the seasonal dip in available homes during the Holidays.  Surprisingly, there are currently 22 homes under contract which is an indicator of demand for homes.  Normally, this number dips as inventory and the Holidays approach but it appears there is still a good demand for single family homes.

There is a quick update on our general market.  I will complete a total look at the end of the month and consider lot and waterfront home sales individually.  Enjoy the Holidays.  Charlie