All data from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS database.   July 15, 2014 - Single Family (S/F) home sales in Trigg County continue to lag just shy of sales last year.  71 units have sold so far this year with 74 units being sold same time last year.  Days on Market for sold units averages 215 days.  Western Kentucky as a whole presents a similar picture with YTD sales at 972 that compares to last year same time sales of 992.  Average Days on market for all YTD sales in the MLS coverage area is 154 days.

Comparing the last 90 days S/F sales to the same time last year presents a more specific picture.  32 S/F units have sold in Trigg county in the last 90 days while last year same time saw 41 units sold.  Median sales price for S/F homes in Trigg county during the last 90 days is $131,00 while last year same time the median was $135,000.  Days on market for last 90 days sold averages189 while last year the figure was 195.  The best news of all, however, is the sold $/sqare foot (market value)  Last 90 days sales averaged $83.19 dollars per square foot while last year during the same time the figure averaged $78.99 per sqft.

Nationally it appears that the real estate market continues to improve.  That improvement has not reached our local market yet.  Pending sales, that glimpse of sales that will close in 4-6 weeks, remains essentially unchanged for the last 5 weeks.  As that begins to change, we will report it here.

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