The question is often asked, "Why didn't my house sell" or "Why wasn't my home shown to more buyers".  All Sellers hope for the situation where their home is toured by many potential Buyers and perhaps could even have simultaneous offers pending.   A clear look at homes sales in Trigg county, however, may give everyone a better perspective.

Lets look at Trigg County, Single Family homes sold between mid April, 2014 and mid July 2014.  There were 32 closed sales.  Sale prices ranged from $32K to $390K.  Days on Market ranged from 0 to 956.  The average list price was $172,156.00 and the average sold price was $155,146.00. Considering the preceding facts, the sales can be broken down as follows.  Homes that sold for less than $100K made up 65% of all the sales.  Sales of homes between $200K and $100K were an additional 25%.  Homes priced between $300K and $200K made up only 10% of the sales during that 90 day period.  No homes priced abouve $400K sold during the 90 day period.

If your home is listed at or above $300K there are not very many buyers in that price range.  If you hoime is listed below $100K, that is where the bulk of the sales are.  If your home is priced at $200K or less, it is in that group of listings that make up 75% of our sales market.  

Realistic pricing and knowing your market area a large factors in getting your home sold.