Every waterfront property owner around Lake Barkley knows that the water level in the lake changes seasonally.  With a primary purpose of flood control that should be expected.  When the Ohio River and the Mississippi Rivers are high, the Corps of Engineers often hold water in our lake to allow flood waters to pass instead of having Cumberland River water add to the flood conditions down stream.  

Did you know that there is a lake level schedule for Lake Barkley (and consequently Kentucky Lake since they are joined by a canal)?  The Corps of Engineers, who administers the lake, has a website where you can get a lake level ;update about every 3 hours.  Not only the current lake level, but the scheduled level for the entire year and the flow rate of water through the dam.

CLICK HERE to visit the COE website and choose the Lake Barkley Resevoir  for the year view or the last 10 days.

By the way, we should have the end of month sales data by Wednesday.  Watch for the market update through September, 2014.