Just a quick review of data from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS database as of today, June 17, 2014.  Regarding sales of single family homes in Trigg county we have passed a mile stone.  Year to date there has been 60 single family home sales here in Trigg County.  Last year on the same day there had been 62.  We are slowly dropping the pace of sales compared to last years sales.  Will we see a surge later in the year?  Pending sales do not indicate that at this time.  There are currently 18 pending sales on Trigg County S/F homes and that number has held steady for hte last 6 weeks or so.  We would need to see a large increase in that number to signal an increase in the sales rate.

Of interest is the data from the last 90 days of Single Family, Trigg county home sales.  There were 35 sales in the last 90 days and 39 in the same 90 period last year.  Interestingly, the median sale price is virtually the same, being $132K this year and $135K last year during the 90 day period.  Regardless of the similarity of median sale prices, the average dollars per square foot sale price this year is $83.00/sqft while last year the average was $79.52/sqft.

While our sales rate is slightly below that of last year, the fact that market value per sqft is up is a positive note on our local real estate market.

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