With July in the rear view mirror lets look at the market statistics to see how we are doing.  All stats are from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS (MLS) as of the morning of August 1, 2016

All information regards the single family (S/F) market, excluding manufactured home and bare land sales.  The compilation of data from all 13 western Kentucky counties the make up the MLS shows that YTD 1187 single family homes have been sold.  This figure compares to 1238 last year at this time.  This is a 4% decrease in unit sales.  When volume is compared, S/F home sales this year totaled $260,035,493 while last year the volume was $182,588,241.  This years volume is %42  above last years sales.  Average sale price this year is $219,069 while last year at this time the average was $147,486.  While the average sales price has increased 49%, the median sale price has actually declined 1% from $121,000 last year to $120,000 this year. Inventory currently is 3471 units and that is 10% below inventory figures for last year.

Trigg County sales figures present a mixed bag.  YTD there have been 90 units sold in Trigg county while last years figure was on 83 units.  That is an 8% increase in number of homes sold.  Volume of units sold has increased 6%.  But both average sale price (-3%) and median sale price (-17%) come in with negative numbers year to date.

As for todays figures, there are currently 150 single family units on the market.  This is a slight increase in inventory over previous reports.  Additionally there are currently 26 units that are under contract or pending.  This figure is up strongly from previous reports and tells us that buyers are still looking and buying homes in Trigg county.

While the stats do not tell us there is an increase in home values, they do reflect continued interest from buyers in finding and purchasing homes in Trigg county.

If you have thoughts or questions, sign it and join the conversation.  I will try to get answers to your questions.  Charlie