Considering your first home?  Outstanding!  Here are some tips that might be helpful.  
Listen to an experienced, local REALTOR.  Let their experience work for you.  They know their market, and local lenders, attorneys, and service businesses that you will need to close a home purchase.

Shop around for Financing and get Pre-approved/qualified.  Besides gaining an understanding of the different finance options, the pre-approval shows the Seller you are serious and that strengthens your negotiating postion.

Prepare for the negotiation process.  Realty Times has a great article about this issue.  CLICK HERE to read more.  

Develop an honest "NEEDS" and "WANTS" list to describe the new home you will be buying..  The needs will include what you must have.  The wants are what you would like to have.  Sharing this list with the REALTOR will be doing you both a favor.

Lake Barkley Realty agents are always ready to assist you in your efforts.  Feel free to call us.