Here is a quick view of Waterfront Single Family Homes sales along Lake Barkley for the last 90 days (November 26 to Feb 26).  All data from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS as of 2-26-2018.

Waterfront Single Family Homes sales in Trigg county for the last 90 days include 6 homes closed.  That compares to 9 homes sold last year during the same time frame.  While the average sale price (S/P) was $311K this year, last year the avg. was $262.4K.  Of interest is the Dollars per square foot ($/sqft) price of these sales.  Sales in the last 90 days brought $116.92 per square foot, while sales in same period last year brought $124.94 /sqft.  A softening of the waterfront market? Or just the effect of selling a few lower priced homes?  We will continue to watch the market to determine which is correct.

Another interesting piece of the puzzle has to do with the dollar difference in the $/sqft for waterfront homes with and without a dock.  In the last 90 days, in Trigg county, waterfront S/F homes without a dock sold for $97.24/sqft.  Homes with a dock sold for $120.14/sqft.  While a dock certainly adds value to a waterfront home, the differential is important.  Continued monitoring will provide more information.