The Army Corps of Engineers will be sponsoring 4 public meetings regarding the implementation of access restrictions above and below dams on the Cumberland drainage.  The closure to be implemented at the Lake Barkley dam will include barriers to access above the dam and below the dam.  Below the dam the barrier will stretch from the end of the lock wall perpendiclar across the river to the rip-rap area below the parking lots.  This will impact most of the boat fishermen who fish below the Barkley Dam.  The first of four public meetings is scheduled for Jan 10, 2013 from 6 to 8 pm at the Badgett Playhouse, 1838 J H Obryan Drive, Grand Rivers, KY.  There will be three additional meetings across the state.  The Corps says it is in the process of putting these restrictions in place.  If you have an opinion, next Thursday nite will be your chance to voice it.