As the real estate market continues to show growth in unit sales and market value it has never been more important for the Buyer to understand the home mortgage process.  Knowledge of the mortgage industry terminology and standards can save the consumer tens of thousands of dollars over the length of a loan.  Just because the loan has a low interest rate (and rates are going up) does not mean it is the best loan.  Issues like a fixed mortgage rate, the length of the loan, balloon payments, and prepayment penalties have a great impact on the overall cost of a mortgage.   

The question is, where to begin?  Let me suggest that you start at one of the federal govt. websites that are in place to help you.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, CFPB, has a great information site.  CLICK HERE to visit the site.

When you are ready to begin contacting financial institutions let me know and I can give you some names and numbers of business I have worked with.