Just a quick look at the market data, courtesy of the Western Kentucky Regional MLS.  Trigg county Single Family (S/F) homes sales continue to remain neutral.  Down about 6% on unit sales over same time last year.  This figure has been the same each of the last few weeks.  The good news is that pending sales have increased slightly so we may recoup the lost 6% over the next few months if the increase in signed contracts continues.  Inventory is up slightly with 169 S/F units on the market in Trigg County.  Average Days on Market for Active listings is 169 while Sold units this year averaged 215 Days on Market.  Sale Price to List price ratio as of August 12, 2013 on all S/F sales was 90.98% in Trigg County.  That figure is 93.82% for all 2014 S/F sales in the entire MLS.  (Note: the Western Ky Regional MLS compiles data from the 13 western most counties in Kentucky)

A final observation.  Considering S/F home sales in Trigg County for the last 90 days compared to the same 90 day period last year shows unit sales down, median and average home sale price down but average dollars per square foot on purchased homes is up about $5.00 per square foot.

There can be little doubt that the S/F market here in Trigg county is slower than last years market in terms of unit sales and most recently  lower average and median sale prices, but the higher $/sqft figure would support the consideration that market value is actually a little higher this year than last.