Buyers Alert!!  It is entirely possible that finding the right house at the right price is not going to be the most difficult part of purchasing a new home.  Probably just as important in the process is finding the right loan program.  Often the effort to understand the loan process and the different loans out there is so confusing that Buyers give up on understanding the loan and just agree to whatever the mortgage agents suggest.  This can lead to some big problems down the road.  Realty Times has printed an article about a website that can help Buyers sort through the complicated terms and types of loans.  CLICK HERE  to read the article.

When it comes time for you to begin your home search make sure you have already talked to a loan officer and understand the mortgage process.  Take the time to get pre-qualified, a prerequisite of many Seller's before you can tour their home.  If you could use some help in finding local lenders, who know our area and our market, contact an agent at Lake Barkley Realty for names and numbers.