The short answer is yes, you are in a flood plain.  Now before anyone gets excited, everyone should realize that FEMA has mapped the majority of the United States and made a determination as to the risk of everyone's property being flooded.  If you are on that map, you are in a flood plain. 

What is important is what zone of the flood plain you are in.  Why does that matter?  The zone designation tells you the risk of your home being flooded.  Of course, that is important to each of us but it is more important to those businesses that have mortgages on the properties.   The flood zone is a direct measure of the flood risk the lenders take in making the loan for a property.  You can check your home's National Flood Insurance Program zone map by going to  and typing your address in the search bar under the Search by Address header on the left. 

If you are in a Zone A or V (V is for coastal areas), you and anyone who wants to buy your property that uses a federally back mortgage (FHA,VA, etc.) will be required to purchase and maintain flood insurance.  That is why knowing your flood zone is so important.  Flood insurance, which is not a part of your regular home owners insurance, can cost as much as $2000.00 a year additional.  This is a major issue for people looking to purchase a new home.  If you have questions about your home and its zone location you can check with your present insurer for clarification.  If you are considering selling your home, I would be happy to assist you.  Rest assured we will determine you flood plain zone.