Market information is sometimes confusing and contradictory, however, if you look close enough the picture will usually become clearer.  Take for example the condition of seasonal sales.  General statements about sales increases are often misleading if you are not aware of the increase and decrease in sales with the seasons.  The best way to get a clear picture is to compare month to month sales figures.  That way, you are comparing seasonal sales to the same period last year.  For example:  Single family Trigg County home sales by the month, when compared to the same months last year, look like this...January 2013- up 100%, Feb 2013 - Flat, Mar 2013- up 27%, April 2013- Down 17%.  Viewing the sales data in this manor gives you a much more precise picture of the current market.  By the way, as of May 22, 2013 the Trigg county May stats are up 140% over May of 2012.

Interested in Western Kentucky as a whole?  Single family home sales in the western most 14 counties of Kentucky went like this...Jan 2013 - up 17%,  Feb 2013- Up 23%, Mar 2013-Down 4%, and Apr 2013-Up 23%.

The Big Picture shows a recovery in the housing market, both nationally and locally, but remember the real estate market is like the weather...different here than there.  It often pays to dig a little deeper to get the clearest picture of your local real estate market.

All data gathered from the Western Kentucky Regional MLS database.